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44320-36250 ST16949 Toyota Steering Pump Electric Hydraulic For Coaster Bb55

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name NEWAIR
Certification ST16949
Model Number 44320-36250
Minimum Order Quantity 1pcs
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Neutral Packing/Brand Packing/Customized
Delivery Time 1-3work days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 1000pcs/month
Product Details
Material Iron Weight 5KG
Engine 15B Power Source Hydraulic
Product Condition New Warranty 12months
Color Black Year 2001-2019
High Light

44320-36250 Toyota Steering Pump


ST16949 Toyota Steering Pump


Bb55 electric hydraulic power steering pump

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Product Description

Iron Toyota Steering Pump For Coaster Bb55 Bzb40 Bzb50 15b 44320-36250

1.Under ISO/TS 16949 quality system certificate;

2.Used good raw material and advanced technology ensure high quality of steering rack;

3.High quality makes sure long usage life;

4.Various types and different car models can satisfaction.




Knowledge about steering pump:

The power steering assists the driver to adjust the direction of the car and reduces the intensity of the driver's steering wheel. Of course, the power steering also plays a role in the safety and economy of the car.
As far as the power steering system currently equipped on the car and the information I can see, it can be roughly divided into three categories:


First, mechanical hydraulic power steering system;
Second, electronic hydraulic power steering system;
Third, electric power steering system.


1. Mechanical hydraulic power steering system

Mechanical hydraulic power steering system is generally composed of hydraulic pump, oil pipe, pressure and flow control valve body, V-shaped transmission belt, oil storage tank and other components.


This system has to work regardless of whether the car is steering or not, and when the vehicle speed is low in large steering, the hydraulic pump needs to output more power to obtain a larger boost. Therefore, resources are also wasted to a certain extent. You can recall: driving such a car, especially when turning at a low speed, feels that the direction is heavier and the engine is more laborious. Also, due to the high pressure of the hydraulic pump, it is easier to damage the booster system.

Also, the mechanical hydraulic power steering system is composed of hydraulic pumps, pipelines and cylinders. In order to maintain pressure, the system must be in working condition regardless of whether steering assistance is required, and the energy consumption is high. This is also one of the reasons for the consumption of resources.

There are more general economic cars using mechanical hydraulic assist systems.


2. Electronic hydraulic power steering system

Main components: oil storage tank, power steering control unit, electric pump, steering gear, power steering sensor, etc., of which the power steering control unit and electric pump are an integral structure.


Working principle: The electronic hydraulic power steering system overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional hydraulic power steering system.

The hydraulic pump it uses is no longer directly driven by the engine belt, but an electric pump. All its working conditions are the ideal state calculated by the electronic control unit according to the vehicle's driving speed, steering angle and other signals. Simply put, when turning at low speeds and high speeds, the electronic control unit drives the electronic hydraulic pump to run at high speed to output greater power, so that the driver can steer the direction and save effort; when the car is driving at high speed, the hydraulic control unit drives the electronic hydraulic pump at a lower speed Operation, without affecting the need for high-speed steering, while saving part of the engine power.


3. Electric power steering system (EPS)
The English full name is Electronic Power Steering, or EPS for short. It uses the power generated by the electric motor to assist the driver in power steering. The composition of EPS, although the structural components of different cars are different, they are generally the same. It is generally composed of a torque (steering) sensor, an electronic control unit, a motor, a reducer, a mechanical steering gear, and a battery power supply.

Main working principle: When the car is turning, the torque (steering) sensor will "feel" the torque of the steering wheel and the direction to be rotated. These signals will be sent to the electronic control unit through the data bus, and the electronic control unit will be based on the transmission torque, Data signals such as the direction to be turned are sent to the motor controller, so that the motor will output a corresponding amount of torque according to specific needs, thereby generating power steering. If it does not turn, the system will not work, and it will be in standby (sleep) state waiting to be called. Due to the working characteristics of electric power steering, you will feel that driving such a car has a better sense of direction, more stable at high speeds, and as the saying goes, the direction does not flutter. And because it does not work when it is not turning, it also saves energy to some extent. Generally, high-end cars use such power steering systems.


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